So What Is a Centrist?



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Thank you for sharing your heart

I would add: a centrist view is not interested in appeasing political agendas, a centrist is focused being the body of Christ for the world, not itself, and without becoming the world. The centrist church is yielding our selfishness and thus allowing Christ to be the advocate and not platforms. I have worked with groups of both extremes to find common grounds and that is the wrong approach. Both extremes have misplaced objectives and tactics. The cautions I have experienced are those who seek to use the centrist’s desire for middle ground to find legitimacy as wolves in centrists clothes and organizations.

It is time that the majority stands up as the Church and become the light, hope strength that Christ empowers us to be. The past sixty plus years have been witness that the centrist need a renewed infusion of education, passion and, devotion to Christ, to be the church and not to be simply social influencer. The gift that the extremes have highlighted is the chasm between our theology and our ministries needs to be filled by God. We have allows division, hunger for legitimacy, power and, authority to fill the pit that God seeks to make whole. This #GC202 is a call for God to be worshipped and not our selves.

The answers for our future is to freely allow all those who what to force the church to become the tool of agendas to leave, with an open door to return when they come to their spiritual senses. Our desire to hold everyone at the table is forcing devils to thrive by their yielding of God’s love and authority we have comfortably relinquished.

Jesus released demons that the body might no longer be held captive. May we be all-in-committed to worshiping God and trust God and not the world. .

Rev Dr John Brantley more than 1 year ago


I like your comments about the Centrist view point, and I feel I am in that category; however, I do not see the centrist position view on LGBTQ. Besides accepting LGBTQ congregants to participate in church activities as with any other member of the church, does the Centrist church permit same sex marriages, pastors to perform same sex marriages, and what is the Centrist view of LGBTQ ordination for the ministry?

Dan Stelluto more than 1 year ago