The Future of the Global Methodist Church is in the Past



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You are deeply mistaken

You yourself admit that nothing published by the WCA or Global Methodist Church indicates intent to exclude anyone on the basis you accuse of being the core motivation behind the WCA and Global Methodist Church. What you don't know is that the WCA has, from the start, included persons who formerly identified as LGBTQ and others whose lives dramatically testify to God's transforming grace. These folks are active in all levels of the WCA, from local chapter participation to leadership. In instances when I have shared from my perspective as one with such a testimony, I have felt my words have been taken seriously and sincerely valued. Why hasn't the WCA brought this up or defended itself? Because addressing homosexuality is not primary. What is primary? Offering the Gospel and transformational discipleship for >>all<<.

Kathe 264 days ago


Thank you for your post!!!

bthomas 261 days ago