The UMC and Jared Diamond’s Upheaval, Part 5: Group Cohesion and Conclusion



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“This decrease in the perceived importance of denominational identity makes it less likely that the denomination will successfully resolve its crisis as an organizational whole. It increases the possibility that the crisis will be resolved by some leaving the denomination, singly or in groups.”
Too many words to simply say the split is coming.
“The opposite of resolving the crisis is not schism or the expulsion of one party. These scenarios resolve the crisis in one fashion or another.”
In the history of Christianity how many doctrine disputes have been resolved by a split? Pretty much all of them.
“No, the opposite of resolving the crisis is for the crisis to continue. That is the real danger for the UMC.”
After 40 years we should have picked up on that by now. Keeping all together under one organization by cobbling together one compromise after another simply kicks the can a little farther down the road and makes the inevitable split even more painful. Look at how our country handled slavery in the run up to the Civil War as an analogy.

Kevin 246 days ago

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