UMC Fracture Marks Moment of Change



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The Fracture of the UMC

If the UMC does fracture it will no longer be "united." Why do we take our playbook from nations and continents that are newer to the Bible than we are here in the USA?
Why must the WCA demand that they must get their own way?
If we are supposed to "Love One Another, and Love Our Neighbor as We Love Ourselves, which was what Jesus commanded us to do, then the WCA, a branch of the UMC would agree to the "One Church Plan," that would allow each Conference to decide whether or not to ordain a seminary graduate who was LBG or T.
No Conference would "forced" to accept seminary graduate who was LBG or T, but neither would they be forced to tell that seminary graduate that they could NOT be ordained.
It is sad that the WCA seems to take its marching orders from Africa and the Philippines, wonderful, devout Conferences, however, they are newer to the Bible and therefore have not as yet learned to interpret the Bible in the light of today's knowledge. Give them some time to catch up, meanwhile let us now discriminate. Those who are LBGT were born to be LBGT and did not choose their sexual orientation or gender identity.
Those who disagree please ask yourselves this question "Since you are heterosexual, could you pray to be a lesbian? Could you pray to become gay or transgender?
No, I do not think that you could.
So that is the answer that the UMC should accept and adopt.

Robert and Carla Skidmore more than 1 year ago