Webinar to Explore Choices and Consequences of a Split Facing United Methodists

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Beka Miles Said Loudly and Clearly . . .

Professor Rev. Dr. Rebecca Miles was one of my two UM polity professors.

She would hold The Book of Discipline up and say loudly and clearly,

"This is The Book of Discipline. It is our rule book. Do not break the Discipline's rules!"

The tone of her voice left "or else" unsaid.

Maybe ALL persons breaking The Discipline should begin getting an "or else" not just a weak, powerless few.

Richard F Hicks 71 days ago

Hello Richard

Dang! Richard, that sounds like something I might have said! : ) I have an unpublished paper on why I think it may be appropriate -- and theologically and morally sound - to disobey unjust church laws in some circumstances - "An Unjust Law is No Law at All." [I don't think in terms of "or else" but the people in my United Methodist Doctrine classes are almost all in the process leading to ordained ministry. For many - not all - of them, I think the most likely result of ecclesial disobedience would be a short end to their candidacy!] It's good to hear from you Richard. I hope you are well. Blessings, my friend. Grace and Peace, Beka Miles

Rebekah Miles 51 days ago

Trust but Verify?

Institutionalist and supporters will be well served by the speakers explanations of UMC structure. They are UMC. They can be trusted to present and explain the UMC position in a manner that will resonate with supporters of apologists for the current UMC structure.. It strains credulity to think that UMC loyalists will be trusted to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the GMC. It will be as convincing as Russian news sources trying to convince Ukrainians and the world at large that the current conflict is not a Putins war.

bthomas 71 days ago