Neocolonial Manipulations by Good News and WCA Are Resurfacing



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An article at odds with facts?

I'm relatively new to the UMC, but as a "traditionalist" I haven't seen where conservative groups have tried to "have a tendency to blame and break the institution, burn the house and point to everyone else but themselves as the problem". To the contrary, it's articles like this which seem inflammatory.

The statement that "(b)oth WCA and Good News have been undermining African bishops through three representatives they have planted in each of the three African Central Conferences" is interesting.... These articles indicate that African Bishops spoke for themselves in a "traditional" vein:
United Methodist Bishops from Africa issue statement - Good News Magazine
UMC African bishops oppose 'gay' marriage, split (

I couldn't get the links to hold but please Google them and tell me how they represent attempted manipulation by Good News or WCA? Perhaps this article is at-odds with the truth in Africa.

David Kingsworthy more than 1 year ago

African Views or North American Views

There is no doubt Rev. Nyaroto knows far more about the conditions and mindset of our spirit-filled saints in Africa. I just question how much in touch he is with them. I noticed that in 2014 he was in Rhode Island studying for a PhD and in 2019 he was serving a Canada. Is this more a statement of his personal feelings about the forces in our Denomination or the neocolonialism in Africa?

Brian Burch more than 1 year ago

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