Whither the Central Conferences in a 'Loosened Connection'? - Part 1



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The "Way Forward" for UMC is the door out for me!

I took my family out of the Episcopal Church when the cancer of liberalism metastasized there and now I am packed again as the UMC confuses "welcoming" with legitimizing. I really don't care about lifestyles of anyone, not my business, does not bother me. But, I will not support or associate with the legitimizing of lifestyles I find wrong. UMC is losing about 100,000 members per year now and I suggest, based on the example of the Episcopal Church, that could double or triple with the final vote in 2019. One mistake the liberals make is thinking that winning the point will be winning the church. Not if people like me leave in droves. See, we don't need the UMC for "religion" - there are lots of churches who are based on the Bible. All the sanctimonious say-whats, all the pontifical poo-poo, all the convoluted churchy logic is wasted on an old Methodist like me who is shocked that our country now debates who goes in what restroom! My church, my country and common sense continue to slip away. Just give me my Bible and a quiet place and I'll find Peace and Hope.

Reese more than 4 years ago

Who hangs together

Some important notes here. I'll add this having been a pastor in the Austrian UMC for seven years. 1. An increasing number of Austrian and German UM members are African immigrants or are of African descent and have their own distinctive cultural take on matters. 2. The UM in Austria had its roots in movements of people from out of Eastern Europe, and it still has close ties to Macedonia, Serbia, and Bulgaria, which also affects its distinctive culture. 3. Because Western European states have very different laws on marriage, property rights, pensions, health insurance and etc. the social status of persons (married or unmarried) is very different from the US. Culturally in Austria at least the church is so looked down on that no "normal" person seeks to have his/her social relationships ratified by the church. Even people who plan to marry usually don't want to be married in a church. Or as one of friend put it regarding the Catholic culture of Austria and Bavaria, "there is only one true church, and we hate it."

What is remarkable is that the Commission on the Way Forward seems to still be dominated by Americans and American concerns. What it really needs to do is create a framework for Global Methodism that releases national churches from the enormous burden of UM concerns. The US church, for all its shared wealth, is the giant ball and chain that keeps Global United Methodism from progressing and evolving.

Robert Hunt more than 4 years ago

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