Bishops' Call to Prayer Takes Profound Love and Strength



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Two problems

First is living beyond legislative decisions: Why? What happened to the thinking that God is very capable of speaking through our processes? Maybe I'm being naïve, but if the GC had come up with the same exact opposite answer 10 times over 40 years I would either be reconsidering my stance or leaving. The original disciples allowed God to speak through a very human process when they narrowed down Judas' replacement down to two and then rolled the dice; they picked up their dice and moved on.

Second is, the BOD MUST be changed: You are looking at that from a vey high position. Do you have a clue what the impact would be at the local level? In my neck of the woods here in South Texas, the local PFLAG chapter meets in secret for a very good reason; they openly acknowledge that the community is not ready for what they propose. In addition, a Lutheran church had a very ugly meltdown over this issue; the minority that was for full inclusion was forced out, they formed their own church and several years down the road they have gained no traction in the community--an invite for the local UMC to join with them in a joint sunrise Easter Service resulted in some less than positive discussion. This can be legislated all you want, but in some areas it will be to no avail!

Orter.T more than 7 years ago

"Apostolic succession"

Really? Is the Council of Bishops assuming that authority? If yes...where did that come from. It certainly would not come from Wesley or the BOD! In the absence of any biblical authority they assume some sort of 'prophetic authority'. This is really the heart of our problem in the UMC...not simply a disagreement over the ordaining of openly gay persons, or the church's stance on Marriage, but that our authority for making decisions and having a discipline that can hold us together has been lost.

Ron more than 7 years ago

why won't they take a stand

None of this means that the UMC's anti-LGBT stances should be preserved; they must go, for the sake of love. None of this means that violence hasn't been done to our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered kindred; it has, and we are culpable for it. None of this means that those who oppose LGBT inclusion on the grounds of scriptural authority are inherently evil; they hold a more complex moral matrix than those of us whose guidelines are solely love and justice, but they are still sisters and brothers in the bonds of baptism. -
Why can't they issue a majority report that says what you've just said? Are they waiting for 100% unanimity? If bishops can only speak about matters that have been settled by General Conference, are they actually leading us at all?

Jeff more than 7 years ago

Just so much bland nonsense

Would it have killed them to admit that the church is causing people pain and harm? When this was forwarded to my Annual Conference, it came with a threat attached.

Harold Hughes more than 7 years ago

Now We Agree!

I've taken a bit of slamming myself, you know, admitting my surprise at the reaction to the Bishops's statement. I'm glad that on this we can find common ground.

Geoffrey more than 7 years ago