Survey: Faith groups maintain widespread support for LGBT protection laws



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What is survey asking

I am a Traditional believer who supports the vote of GC 2019, yet I believe gay and lesbian Americans are entitled to the same secular legal protections to which all Americans are entitled under our laws. Of course our secular laws do not apply to apply in the area of religious faith and church governance other than the First Amendment’s prohibition against laws which violate the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses. We all should enjoy due process and equal protection of federal and state laws despite all of us being flawed sinners. But under no circumstances can we be forced to believe in or violate our consciences in our religious faith and respective understandings of what God demands of us in term of right living pleasing to Him.

John more than 2 years ago

I agree

And you state it very well. Just because we do not agree with their views does not mean they do not deserve the same legal protections when it comes to jobs and housing. Furthermore, I run a retail establishment and sexual orientation does not figure into my views on customer service when it come to selling them things. However, if they asked me to use what I consider a creative gift to help them celebrate something I believe is wrong I would refuse. And that is the exact same line the baker and florist drew. They were both willing to sell the couples anything they needed, but the florist and the baker did not feel that they should personally invest themselves in a same gender union. That is a reasonable line to be drawn and it should be respected. I do not understand the progressive stance of "If you do not believe like I do then you are causing harm."

betsy more than 2 years ago