United Methodist Bishops Condemn Charlottesville Violence

Clergy Urged to Speak 'Pastorally and Prophetically'



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I do not know anyone who is in favor of racism and violence. The Unite the Right protesters had a permit to use that park for their rally. The Peoples Action for Racial Justice had permits for their counter protests at other parks but what good is a counter protest is the protesters can't see or hear you? So they confronted the Unite the Right folks and both sides taunted each other until someone lost his cool and threw a punch. Then when the police dispersed the crowd, a mistake in my view, the violence went into the local streets. This was poor policing. The people carrying rifles were from the Redneck Revolt which is apparently a leftist organization. I never heard of them. Both sides had pepper spray, tear gas, clubs, bats and so on and I hold them equally responsible for the violence. The fact that no one was shot is remarkable considering what was going on.
Where is the Methodist bishop who is condemning the defacing and destruction of public statues by vandals? Lawlessness will breed more lawlessness until we have only mob rule.

Kevin more than 4 years ago