A Lot of History Is Being Forgotten



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It always helps to understand our history

And what you describes makes perfect sense. But it is one thing to have a different theological bend and quite another to decide it is OK to work outside the designated processes of the church--and it is most definitely the disobedience by these two Jurisdictions as well as progressives in other areas that cranked things up to the next level. It is one thing to join a church to change its thinking, it is quite another to dismantle the way it functions--which is what has been happening since GC2012.. What bothers me most about progressives is their tactics; I find myself grateful that I am not in a local church with them because they are not team players. Saying that, I also realize that our current structure where any accountability stops at the Jurisdictional level is probably to blame--for a connectional church, our structure is extremely disconnectional and getting together once every four years is not enough to foster trust and a common purpose. There is no easy answer to the mess that was created in 1939 when some well-meaning people came up with what seemed like a plausible solution at the time. Based on what you describe, we have been heading to this moment for a long time, sexuality is the issue that ignited the divide that has been there for a very long time!

Betsy more than 5 years ago