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the bishops must lead

With all due respect, Bishop, I believe that the prayer, study and discernment you are speaking of, can only take place within the Council of Bishops. You are some of the best educated and collegial of UM clergy in our worldwide denomination. General Conference delegates only interact for less than 2 weeks and they come from cultures and worldviews that are so different that they are essentially (and literally) speaking different languages. The Judicial Council has yet to weigh in on the constitutionality of our anti gay rules. Clergy who act on their consciences are thrown out of the denomination. It is up to the Bishops to stay in a room together until you decide on a policy that will resolve this issue. Waiting until everyone who disagrees is dead, has not proved feasible. I applaud your personal witness and it is no small thing. But, the Council of Bishops must agree to act and that won't happen if the requirement is a unanimous vote.

Jeff more than 7 years ago