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"Dome" and dumber

As a student (and practitioner) of business, I have been amazed at how once great American companies have essentially disappeared. Westinghouse and Sears, for example. Bad management. Bad decisions. As a Methodist, from boyhood, I always assumed that bishops became bishops due mainly to wisdom. Maybe not.
1. Why would “management” of an already financially troubled business schedule a “special” conference at one of the largest and most expensive venues in the country? For only 3,500 delegates, book a “Dome” that seats 62,000? 80 “break out rooms? There are many high schools in America that could handle this crowd!
2. To prepare for this great conference, UMC has paid international travel expenses for around 40, including staff, for the Way Forward members to meet privately behind closed doors, for two years! Having traveled on business myself, I estimate well over $350,000 in planes, trains, hotels, taxis, dinners, lattes, laundry, and looking around. Only to offer nothing new?
Now, the big fee, which together with the travel expenses, will surpass the annual incomes in some other countries? Most of those delegates would lean “traditional” and the cost might prohibit many from attending. That could skew the votes toward “progressive” which could result in rancor rivaling Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake” comment. May I suggest nudging the budget for “crowd control” up just a bit? Oh, not for violence, but for those fleeing the churches!

Reese more than 3 years ago

What else is new?

Ok--United Methodists (in name only)----let's just do what we have to do---what we should have done in 2016---what the Bishops couldn't get done---that we "United" Methodists will not resolve this issue in any way that keeps the denomination together---it's a denomination---not a commandment, nor Scripture. Methodists historically proved in the 19th century that the denomination could split---and while the US Civil War continued---Methodist Episcopal and Methodist Episcopal South congregations continued--sometimes in the same communities----and in 1939---this division ended

While a majority of current United Methodists may not be alive in a century....the issue of homosexuality will have likely evolved to a point that all of this outrage currently experienced is no longer the issue it is now.

I prefer to trust the integrity of all sides---that each 'side' has a passion for Christ in their faith---and will continue to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. This issue of homosexuality will not be resolved in St. Louis next February---nor March, April, May or any month following for the near future.

Split for now---we already are. Yes, that means a major breakup of episcopal leadership, concerns about pensions, and apportionments.

But the Holy Spirit has proved in faith over the years to be extremely timely, and appearing in remarkably divine ways. Jesus, through this Spirit, does not have to be done with any of us.

I trust the Christ of the ages to again bring all together...in a remarkable way. This will likely be done generations after mine---but better that than being done in my own.

A. Edwards more than 3 years ago

The source of anger and distrust

Competing factions each in possession of deeply held but contradictory understandings trying to occupy the same denomination and each determined the church needs to go their particular way. As a lifelong Methodist/UNited Methodist, I never anticipated that I would one day simply be marking time with the church to see if they can resolve this mess--hopefully by choosing one path or another. My hopes are dwindling fast.

betsy more than 3 years ago