An Open Letter to the Wesleyan Covenant Association



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Open Letter to the WCA response

Vaughn's passionate posting reflects the challenges our church faces in the near term. He directs his concern exclusively at the Wesleyan Covenant Association with 7 objections (a good biblical number). He faults the WCA for claiming exclusive ownership to a high view of scripture and the right to interpret scripture. He faults the WCA for whining about non-existent persecution, neglecting to cite Shaw's comment that "martyrdom is a way to achieve fame without ability." He accuses the WCA of being rigid/inflexible, of disparaging women in ordained ministry and concludes by returning to the exclusionary WCA that claims sole ownership to the Wesleyan spirit while apparently dismissing the social holiness inherent to that vision.

In short, he describes an organization that neither I nor any of the other WCA board members from my conference would ever join were it anything like Vaughn describes. The point of my response is not item by item refutation, though I do appreciate the publication of the actual offending letter that itself offers clarity when read. My appeal is to the spirit; James makes clear that human anger does not work the divine righteousness. In the intriguing days before us, use of absolutes, impugning the motives of those with whom we disagree, overstatement/understatement, and ready use of language to incinerate or demolish colleagues in Christ serves no Kingdom cause. This is true of whatever party (liberal-conservative, progressive-traditional, Vulcan-Klingon) that may be speaking. Those with whom I disagree as a WCA conference leader are not 'the enemy,' tools of Satan, or less loved by Christ than I or any other. Our ability to model serious discussion and deep disagreement in a spirit that honors Christ will be the most powerful witness to the world, regardless of how specifics play out in days to come.

Bob more than 3 years ago

No Such Thing as a WCA Conference

That, right there is everything that is wrong with the WCA. Rather than offer any sort of biblical or academic position to support your bigotry and exclusivity, the entire propaganda movement you engage in is summed in your claim that you are a "WCA conference leader." THERE IS NO WCA CONFERENCE in the United Methodist Church. You and your entire organization are about nothing other than misrepresentation. You misrepresent who you are, you misrepresent your authority to speak on behalf of the UMC, you misrepresent the purpose of your organization, you misrepresent who funds, supports, and organized your organization, and you misrepresent the message of Christ. For God's sake...stop it.

John Masters more than 3 years ago