Barbarians to Bureaucrats: Why the UMC Needs its Donald Trump



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Ms Thomas calls Trump Hitler, now wants one like him? C'mon!

”God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” Shakespeare. Oh, a liberal by any other name would be as hypocritical!
A mere 11 days ago, Ms. Thomas opined, “Yes, it is with a great sense of entitlement that Mein Führer Donald Trump has given us a list of banned words in his quest to eliminate the most vulnerable among us. (Read more at She pictured President Trump with Hitler.
Yet, behold, today she opines that the “UMC needs a Donald Trump!” Of course, she stays true to her liberal roots by condemning his “tweets” while not explaining that he has no choice given the highly biased liberal press that his tweets go around and directly to we the people. Oh well, but she lauds his leadership…
Now, Thomas: “Trump–and his avid disciples–are barbarians. They are not politicians. They don’t understand or honor the slow process of making policies. The “way we’ve always done things” cry is irrelevant to them. They are here to destroy and to rebuild the US in their image out of the ashes. And that is precisely why the UMC needs its Donald Trump.”
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Thomas writes: “We need a barbarian with character. Like it or not, we need a Donald Trump–but one with the character and executive ability of a John Wesley.” Without a doubt, the most hysterically hypocritical line I have ever read from any liberal. O.K. so it doesn’t beat Hillary’s condemnation of misogynists and sexual predators, but its in the same zip code! (P.S. I googled “barbarians with character”, found none)
Ms. Thomas should look for a doctor with immeasurable powers. The United Methodist Church is facing its end because the cancer of liberalism has metastasized in its body and while the progressives play, we traditionalists will stray, or go our way in the split. Too bad, the church of my youth is dying…

Reese more than 4 years ago