NOW Is the Moment, UMC: Will You Stop the Evangelical Takeover?



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Christy Comments - No Open Discussion

Please view the speech on gun control discussions by VA Assembly Delegate Nick Freitas on the web. The parallels to this situation and prejudicial wording used by Rev. Thomas in her remarks are amazing. She should be seeking forgiveness and apologizing. No Open Discussion Here.

William Dunkin 3 days ago


Really Christy?

Where do you stand on the premise of biblical authority? In order to prove a point, the progressive Methodists in the church discard the authority of Scripture and invent theology to prove their specious points. You are absolutely wrong in your assumptions and paint with a broad brush those who disagree with you. You need less hyperbole and more time on your knees.

Jerry 4 days ago

Fundamentalism Vs. Evangelicalism

Christy, I am disturbed that you are unable to distinguish between fundamentalism and evangelicalism. The method of biblical interpretation and theological understanding is quite different between the two groups. Surely you studied that in seminary?

I am offended that you lump all evangelicals into a pro-slavery interpretation of Scripture. I know of no United Methodists that believe such a thing. You are engaging in the grossest stereotyping of United Methodist evangelicals that is no help to a civil dialog over differences in our church.

The fact that Good News is well funded and well organized, along with other renewal groups within United Methodism, is a tribute to 50 years of hard work building support and awareness. It is also a reflection of the fact that we are a grass-roots supported organization, not supported by non-United Methodist groups or foundations. There is no obstacle to progressive groups being well funded and well organized. I seem to recall the Love Your Neighbor Coalition spent a ton of money on its 2012 General Conference efforts.

We all have the right to advocate for our perspectives, and people across the theological spectrum do so. What we do not have the right to do is falsely smear others with labels such as racist or misogynist. Those labels are simply not true of the evangelical United Methodist leaders I know.

Your article is part of the hysterical reaction that increases our divisions rather than healing them.

Rev. Tom Lambrecht
Vice President, Good News

Rev. Thomas Lambrecht 5 days ago

The Evangelical Takeover

Dr. Thomas, you could not be more spot-on in your assessment. Thank you for having the courage to continue warning our church about the impending disaster. From what you have shared in your writings, you have gone through an amazing faith journey to get where you are today.

Lee 5 days ago

Question for the author

I am wondering if the author has studied the decline of the PCUSA, UCC, DofC and others? What does she think the causes of these losses are? and if she thinks this will happen within the UMC? Thank you.

Sarah 5 days ago

Evangelical takeover

Christy, you couldnt be more wrong! While mainline denoms have been controlled by progressives for decades, their congregations are dwindling. Evangelucal congrgations are THRIVING. I beling to a Methodist church that is more evangelucal in theology, and it is 4 times the size of any of the progressive mainline churches my relatives attend. We can debate on why this is so; for me, it is the precious combination of holding to biblical truth in a loving, compassionate manner, welcoming all but allowing and encouraging the love of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit transform lives and deliver..REALLY frim the power of sins hold.

Lisa Kindervatter 6 days ago

reply to Christy

Christy you could not be more wrong. We are not fundamentalists wanting to witch hunt for progressives, but we are Christians who deeply believe in the Bible as the sufficent and true word of God. We consider it as inspired literature, not a collection of myths as Adam Hamilton now seems in part to believe. The progressives are the ones who want to pick and choose what parts to believe. By the way where does RMN and the other progressive groups get their money. Does any of it come from George Soros funded operations? Good News and WCA are not the highly organized groups with the blind command of traditionalists. Instead they echo the same beliefs that the majority of the laity believe. We are not the ones who broke the democratically elected rules, the progressives did.

Scott 5 days ago

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