The Softening of Seeing Seventy: Presidents, Christianity, and Gymnastics



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Even John Wesley knew

That a single faith tradition could not house conflicting and contradictory theologies. The catholic spirit applies to people who belong to different faith traditions that have some things in common but also disagree on others. The amount of theological diversity that is trying to exist within the UMC is more suitable to the Methodist branch of the holy catholic/universal Church not to a single denomination.

Also, just because I do not agree with the progressive sexuality ethic does not mean that I believe all LGBTQ persons are destined to go to hell. That is not my call to make because we all have our sins that we will be held accountable for. The only thing I am required to do is discern what it means to live a God-centered life right here and right now and I honestly do not believe same gender sex and choosing gender is included in that. But if you disagree with that understanding, then please feel free to live out your beliefs and let me live out mine. I imagine we will one day both be in heaven and learn that neither one of us had everything quite right.

And as far as Christians who voted for Trump, get off that bandwagon. I am not the only one that wished we had had a better choice than Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. So, after doing research and listening to thoughts from multiple perspectives--including those from a United Methodist I respect who gave reasons why he was going to vote for Clinton--I held my nose, decided I just could not vote for Clinton and voted for Trump. Oh, and by the way, the United Methodist who thought Hilary was the better choice was Mark Tooley of the IRD.

betsy more than 2 years ago

Thanks for confirming my choice.

The Church is supposed to be bereft of politics. I left when politics (and sexual practices) became frequent topics of pulpit lectures. Thanks for reminding me that "Adios" was the right choice.

Dave more than 2 years ago