Why Facebook and Robert's Rules Fail the UMC



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Other ways

The Iowa Annual Conference has tried numerous creative ways to go around Roberts Rules for a time so that delegates could have Christian Conferencing in a more meaningful way. For example, one year we through out the limits on debate and set up two microphones, for and against and let everyone who wanted to speak share for 3 minutes. 30+ people spoke and there was a true spirit of listening. It was powerful. I don't know if it changed any votes, but more spoke and were heard. Unfortunately, there are those who like Roberts Rules because it is easy to end debate, end listening, and move on quickly. Whenever the IAC had tried another way, the Conference leadership has been blasted afterwards. I totally agree that Roberts is failing us and we need new ways. And we need new attitudes of accepting these new ways.

Sarah J Rohret more than 7 years ago

Facebook and Robert's Rules

I suggest you read the article "Our Future is Mobile," and re-think your position. Both social media, and Roberts' Rules have challenges, but to throw them because they can be polarizing is not the way forward in my view. I worked for a volunteer organization, prior to Facebook, that used Robert's Rules of Order and yes it could be polarizing and yes there were arguments and it wasn't always fun, but things got done. Decision making, especially BIG decision making is a messy, sometimes painful process as anyone involved in governing can tell you. Please reconsider your position, or perhaps you should reconsider being involved in decision making at all since you seem to find it so unpleasant to deal with people who disagree with you.

Martin Wells more than 7 years ago