Dear Church: An Open Letter from One of Those Millennials You Can't Figure Out



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Gen X

So you wrote this 4 years ago and I wonder where you stand today on it? I'm a Gen X and much of this resonates as well, perhaps for different reasons? Your last sentence says "It's time to be yourself." What does that look like? What would that mean?

Beth more than 2 years ago

Where is the data?

I saw your article some time ago, and as I millennial myself, I have wondered where you got the idea that all (or even a significant portion) of Millenials felt this way. Now over two years old, this "Open Letter" seems to be proven quite wrong, in that churches who have not adopted a more contemporary style have closed, and those who moved back toward a more traditional style are declining in the under 50 crowd. I have yet to talk to a single Millenial that would agree with this viewpoint - though they are definitely out there.....but to imply that the reason this group isn't going to contemporary worship is because they don't like the style is dangerous - and I have seen people using this letter to justify exactly that type of change to very detrimental results.

Where did you get this notion, aside from your own personal feelings and preferences?

Ian more than 3 years ago


This is a good point. I was just about to comment, but you said it all.

Christopher Paul Davis more than 3 years ago

Ya' got me thinking...

John Bolt more than 6 years ago