Disgust, Anger and Clothed in Pseudo Righteousness



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Anger Is Appropriate Here

Anger is appropriate and helpful when it serves to protect oneself. For example, when a woman is raped, she may become angry and it is her anger that then gives her the strength to fight for her survival.

GLBT members of the UMC have been labeled as disgusting abominations. This is a paradigm that leads many conservatives to beat or even murder GLBT individuals. So, this is a matter of life and death, people. In such a case, anger is justified and appropriate.

Ben more than 2 years ago


"These are the ones who are fighting and protesting for their position"

No. They are fighting to support the position of The UMC which was collectively decided by our governing body. The problem comes from those who refuse to abide by the rules.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Consider This . . .

The quote you've mentioned was actually referring to those on both sides of the issue. "These are the ones who are fighting and protesting for their position. These individuals are on the left and right but the action is the same – to drive toward the other in an attempt to subdue, convince, and/or conquer the other."

Some are angry and disgusted and are fighting to keep the language in the BOD. Others are angry and disgusted and are fighting to remove the language from the BOD.

Your comment has been posted, but we believe it misses the point of the article.

John Astle
Associate Editor

John Astle (United Methodist Insight) more than 2 years ago

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