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Funky Fundie

This has it all. Name calling, naïve Africans, rigged votes and outright defiance by a UMC bishop. All in one package. This explains why we are in the position we are in. Our polity is being shredded by arrogant bishops like him who know better than the collective mind of GC. Wow.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

One thing has become blatantly clear

in the aftermath of GC2019, leadership does not have any love or respect for traditionalists. I don't know how we became the "bad ones". I knew the denomination was in trouble when those who supported and sought to abide by the will of General Conference were vilified as trouble makers. After a lifetime of being a good Methodist/UnitedMethodist and supporting it to the best of my ability, it is nice to know how much I am not valued or appreciated. Maybe you should have spent more time to get to know us. Then maybe you would understand that we are not fundamentalists we are Christians rooted in the historic faith. And based on verbiage and intolerance coming out of the WCA vs the verbiage coming out of leadership and the progressive laity, I will stick with the WCA. I don't want to have to spend my life being angry with those who simply disagree with what I believe.

betsy more than 2 years ago

The problem is in the mirror

We're not angry with you. We love you but we hate your sin.

If it walks like a fundamentalist, talks like a fundamentalist, and...one wonders why the members of that faction hate the term. Perhaps because it describes them all too well while they seek to disguise the emotions behind their horrendous actions.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago