In Support of United Methodist Centrism

A Response to Kevin Watson’s Struggle with Centrism



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Agree with Reese

I agree with Reese. There cannot be any middle ground. Either the UMC accepts statements like the Nashville Statement, identifies social justice as secular humanism and not conducive to UMC teachings, enacts immediate discipline per the Book of Discipline, or we split. I am praying for a total and complete split as I want to be free of the entire liberal/progressive cancer that has ruined my church. He is right in that centrists are just liberals who aren't yet as vociferous in their demands.

Steve more than 4 years ago

And where does obedience fit in?

Whether we like it or not, General Conference is our designated decision maker. For over 40 years, General Conference has consistently come up with the exact same answer re sexuality and marriage--a decision that is in line with centuries of Christian thought and understanding. So how do we function at any level if everybody is free to disregard General Conference and do whatever they want? Has anybody noticed that shortly after GC2016, progressive non-conformity expanded to the decision about the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Rights as well as the decision re how to view Israel and fossil fuels? I happen to agree with all 4 of the decisions made by the General Conference. I have absolutely no need to be part of a church that cannot make up its mind. I respect those that disagree with me and understand that they have a right to their beliefs and can even be friendly with them--but do not ask me to support their understandings.

Betsy more than 4 years ago

Thank you

Thank you for stating in a calm, loving way what so many UM clergy, including myself, feel. It really comes down to interpretation of scripture -- who gets to decide how scripture is interpreted. Sometimes I wonder if those who feel so negatively about gay Christians would also get rid of female clergy if they could, and I know exactly which scripture they would quote.

Cheryl Lawrence more than 4 years ago

Somewhere between abstract and ambiguous...

All those words to explain taking the middle in the debate that has raged for decades. Of course you clergy want the big denomination to stay together - your retirement depends on it. But, your big church is already losing 100,000 per year and when the cancer of liberalism metastasizes with all that the "way forward" charade will legitimize, grease the hinges as we old fogies will stream out the door. The issue is not abstract and to color it grey insults. Just as the slow decline in the Episcopal church greatly increased with that gay bishop, the Methodist church, as evidenced by the YAC financial crisis, will see empty pews and empty plates. I already almost never attend anymore and my giving has stopped because I see where this is going. What you church guys ignore is that I, and most like me, don't actually need a specific church. Our relationship with God is personal and, while a church might offer a place and fellowship, our prayers are one-on-one, "I come to the garden ALONE". So, changing churches, while more thought-provoking than changing socks, is no big deal. I became former Episcopal in 2003, I will be former Methodist this year or next...

Reese Turner more than 4 years ago


Editor's note: According to Yellowstone Conference officials, the financial crisis in their annual conference was not caused by the election and assignment of Bishop Karen Oliveto. Conference financial records show a decline of several years prior to Bishop Oliveto's assignment.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 4 years ago

Yes, YAC was losing money for years, but look at the numbers and the graph - the increase was most dramatic after the esbian bishop was named and this internal report makes that very clear: go to

Reese Turner more than 4 years ago

Correction?: for your convenience copied from YAC's "Financial Crisis" posting

Below copied from the YAC Financial Crisis memo:
"YAC ended 2016 with small amount of unspent funds
(surplus) and an trend in increased
➤Unfolding in 2017 is a unprecedented level of deficit that
could end normal operations of the conference
➤What we have learned:
➤ This has developed quickly (over last 4-5 months)
➤ Weakened local churches due to death and loss of significant givers (Oh? really? wonder why?)
➤ Reaction to the episcopal election is only one of many factors
➤We must decide and execute a course of action quickly,
to be completed in the next 3-4 months

NOTE from Reese: See the line that says "This has developed quickly (over last 4-5 months)" . Those were roughly the first months of their new lesbian bishop. They can say there was no connection, so a coincidence?
Hmmmmm... See

Reese Turner more than 4 years ago


When the WJ removes the unlawfully consecrated Ms. Oliveto they will see their revenue pick up. That should settle the question.

Kevin more than 4 years ago