A Hostile Takeover During a #UMC Ceasefire

Wait on the Commission?



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yeah - waiting on the commission

that's why B-Warm has offered up three resolutions concerning TWF for our annual conference to consider this May..
Can you please acknowledge who broke the ceasefire by lifting up an open and practicing lesbian to the episcopal office? who has been undermining our covenant Book of Discipline for years?
the progressives were more than happy to recite "support the Book of Discipline" when it looked like the denom was moving toward full-inclusion. then when the BoD progressive position began to slip away due to the growth of the South and global church (while the West and Northeast declined), the tactics changed - change the structure, dispute the Bible's clear witness, and if all else fails ecclesial disobedience with no discipline..
you do know that many extreme progressives would rather see the UMC dissolve than continue to be an unjust institution that exlcudes LGBTQ persons?
Generations of United Methodists who supported the church until today would not recognize the church you would like them to support - blindly.
we didn't get to this mess because of the bad, bad WCA. rather, thirty years of flimsy leadership that has not upheld the book they swore to uphold.

Steve more than 3 years ago