Catering to Culture: The Real Foundations of the Wesleyan Covenant Association



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Interesting Take

Interesting take you have Jeremy. So, where is the empirical data to back up the progressive view that homosexuality is determined by birth--and where is the theological exegesis that determines we can pick and choose how to interpret Scripture? I know, I know, that fundamentalists do it all the time. That being the case, there really is no difference between a fundamentalist and a progressive. I'm thinking, "Sure am glad I'm not a fundamentalist!"

Randy Burbank more than 5 years ago

Much more than Safe Spaces!

The Reconciling Ministries Network is far more than a collection of "safe spaces" for LGBTQI Methodists. They are advocacy, activism, conversation, and connection for like-theologically minded United Methodists who share a common vision of an Inclusive and Progressive future for the UMC. Don't sell them short just to make a point.

Chris Shoemaker more than 5 years ago

It is a good thing you attended the WCA meeting

It is only natural that you figured out a way that they are being influenced by culture since that is the charge constantly lodged against progressives. However, you missed what you have in common with them. Just like you they love the UMC and want to see it survive. The rub is they have a completely different understanding of what it means to be a faithful United Methodist than you do. And whether or not they are stuck on "right belief" to the exclusion of "right practice", it is too soon to tell but probably not. Reality is it does not matter because chances are great that their version of "right beliefs" and "right practice" will be seriously out of line with yours. The problem besetting the United Methodist Church is there are too many conflicting and even contradictory understandings of what it means to be a faithful United Methodist. Big Tent Methodism is incapable of following through on what was always John Wesley's Priority #1: a "practical religion for a plain people". I have my own questions re the WCA but where I am absolutely in agreement with them is it is beyond time to get off the insane sexuality and marriage merry-go-round and it is time to address the issue that we are more than one church trying to masquerade as one. Until those two issues are addressed The United Methodist Church will have absolutely nothing to offer. It is absolutely no surprise that people are choosing NOT to become or stay United Methodists. After being a good, loyal Methodist and then United Methodist for 60 years, I am in my own period of discernment as to whether or not I am done with this mess.

betsy more than 5 years ago

A practical religion for a plain people

That was always John Wesley's goal and that really is what he offered people and he really did create a space for people to live a life centered in God 24/7 regardless of whether they were rich or poor. As your article proves, what the UMC is offering in its Big Tent is neither practical nor for a plain person. Maybe that is why the UMC is approaching 50 years of consistent numerical decline. This mess is absolutely insane. There are absolutely too many versions of what it means to be a United Methodist and some of them absolutely contradict themselves. When it comes to The United Methodist Church, I never thought I would get to the point that I would be feeling like "been there, done that, don't need to get on that merry-go-round again"; and I am going to go with that instinct and see where it takes me.

Betsy more than 5 years ago

As usual the far right misses the point

They've constructed an artificial reality: "Plain people" as Wesley used the term are hardly exclusivist. They're using the term to exclude those they have prejudices against. They exercise unmitigated gall by determining LGBTs, women who refused to be defined by their relationships to men, etc cannot be "plain people." The fact is most of them are plainer than the megachurch pastor with the hipster haircut who makes his millions by excluding folks.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago