Progressives and the Uniting Methodists 01: Fault Lines



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You have absolutely nothing to fear from the Uniting Methodists

I just lifted these two sentences from the section titled "Church: Fixed and Free" which is part of the "Shared Commitment" portion of the Uniting Methodists website:

"We urge all of us to affirm the possibility that God’s grace can lead a person of any sexual orientation toward greater holiness in and through the baptized community. "

" We urge all of us to uphold Christian marriage as a covenant between two faithful people in a relationship of self-giving love."

As someone pointed out elsewhere, I sincerely doubt that there is one person on their leadership team that subscribes to the sole belief of marriage is between one man and one woman. As for me, I am ready to be part of a church that knows who it is, what it believes as well as has a clear understanding of how it operates in relation to society. I have had way too much of this non-descript mish-mash that leaves the church incapable of teaching anybody anything. Think I will stick with John Wesley for guidance; he was all about a "practical religion for a plain people"--something I've been looking for a very long time.

Betsy more than 4 years ago


"What would it be like if you were told that in order to continue being a UMC pastor you would have to divorce your wife and give up parental rights of your children – and then reflect on what it would mean if people who are not facing those penalties are telling you that the most prudent thing is for you to do is make space for the people trying to destroy your life?"


How dare anyone make such demands of another?

Ben more than 4 years ago