Seeking the Expulsion of Progressives from the #UMC



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I like your conclusion

But I doubt it will happen. What is called "conservatism" really isn't conservative at all. It is a radical departure from seeking to conserve, instead seeking to dominate. I like your mild description of right-wing satrapy within the UMC but keep in mind right-wing ideology is not informed by facts or rationality or even faith. We saw it in the opposition to the civil rights movement, we saw it in union-busting and economic royalism, and we saw it in support for U.S, military adventurism from Iran in 1952 to today's opposition for peaceful détente with Iran, coming full circle through Korea, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, the Middle East, Lebanon, Panama, Grenada, Iraq and Iran. We see it today in the assault on teacher's unions, the support for police brutality as long as it's done on people of color, and approaches opposing social justice like Robert George's and Charles Colson's subversive "Manhattan Declaration" pledging opposition to civility to opponents and hinting at armed insurrection. We see it in the burgeoning homeschooling movement and establishment of unregulated alternative placements of troubled youth in religious youth homes where abuse and a form of Maoist Thought Control are the order of the day. Why should the UMC be any different? Like the Baptists and extremist right-wing Catholics like Horton Gibson and his actor son, our denomination is beset on all sides by people who insist might is right, up is down, and Christ rides a brontosaurus to church while firing off rounds from an AK-47. It's a wacky world.

George Nixon Shuler more than 6 years ago