The Release of Methodism 2.0



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Go along to get along

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Adolph Hitler. Keep telling the lie about homosexuality and more people may believe it, believing it doesn't make it true.

Gene Mimd more than 8 years ago

UMC future

Thank you for your good word, Jeremy. I have always appreciated your insight and positive spirit, though sometimes that spirit has caused me much bewilderment and sometimes amusement. Appreciate the image of spiders and starfish, with character notations of each. Two comments. First , it has been my experience as a pastor that there are folks (even good folk), who in their need to control, will destroy that which they claim most to love. It is one of the great tragedies of our humanness. Second, and more positively, there are also folks (good folks also), who in their vulnerability, surrender themselves and that which they claim to most love in an attempt or effort to discern--to see again and sometimes anew--where they and the community of faith to which they are joined are called to stand in ministry. My hope and prayer is not that United Methodist will have the good sense to make the right decision. My hope and prayer is that United Methodist will come gain to faith as trust and hope to risk such vulnerability. Ultimately we are called to the ministry not of the "tinkers," or "thinkers," but to the ministry of the "stinkers"--at ground level, where there world years of a healing word and touch. Grace and Peace, George

George A. Gilland, retired more than 8 years ago

UMC future, UMC schism, UMC structure

You err, Mr Smith, the "spider" design you allude to is divine. Isn't the "head" of the UMC and any other Christian church, the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you deem to compare man's earthly stabs at organization with the Father's "my thoughts and ways are higher than your thoughts and ways" (Isaiah 55:8-9) operating system of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?

SCoho more than 8 years ago

UMC Future

Appreciate your good and positive word concerning the issue, Jeremy. I have always found your positive spirit to be a great gift to the church, and a breath of refreshment, if not sometimes a bewilderment to me. Two observations. First, it has been my experience that for some folk (even good church folk) the need to control is so great that rather than change, grow and develop (which require the surrender of control) they will kill that which they claim most to love. Second, there is another way and that is surrender, which is not defeat, but opening one's self to discern--to see gain, and sometimes anew--where and how we are being called to ministry. My hope and prayer is for more surrender. My fear is that we have lost contact with faith and hope and trust and will turn to greater and greater personal violence toward ourselves and those with whom we are called to walk in faith as trust and hope. Again, thanks for your good word.

George A. Gilland, retired more than 8 years ago