The #UMC Covenant Will Be Stronger in #NextMethodism



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So, what you are advocating

Is that the UMC move to a congregational polity and employ local option. What you are not taking into account is several other denominations in America have already gone down that road. The United Church of Christ, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Presbyterian Church (USA) are all congregational in nature. When it came to the sexuality question they let each congregation decide what they believed. All they accomplished was to further accelerate their numerical decline. As John Wesley learned early on, a church cannot survive in a state of perpetual theological conflict. Theological conflict is what drove Wesley to abandon the Fetter Lane Society and set up his own shop at The Foundry where he could better control what was taught.

Betsy more than 4 years ago

local option

I don't hear a local option here, but a transformed structure that respects differences that extend beyond our foundational beliefs, and also holds individuals and the clergy covenant sacred.

Leigh Goodrich more than 4 years ago