The Week That United Methodism Stood Still



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What Jeremy Smith calls "discrimination against LGBTQ people" is what Christians base their beliefs on - God's Word. Are we also discriminating against thieves, child molesters, gossipers and all else God warns that is not best for humanity? God gave laws for our protection out of his love for us. Galatians reads the law was given to show man how we are incapable of keeping the law and henceforth in need of a Savior. Was God discriminating by giving us guidelines for our protection? I believe there is a silent majority that if a decision is made for same sex marriages and church ministry leadership, there will be many leaving this Christian denomination.

Lee more than 3 years ago

58 Years

"...encourage progressives to grudgingly accept evolution over revolution."

I was born and raised into the UMC. I have been a member since 1960. I am now 58 years old and, as a member of the GLBT subpopulation, still waiting - after 58 years! - to see the love of Christ extended to me by the UMC.

I will wait no longer.

Ben more than 3 years ago

begging the question

or as a lawyer would say, assuming facts not in evidence. The UMC extends Christ's love to all, but love does not entail approval of prohibited conduct. We are all bound by God's moral law.

In Christ

The enemy hates clarity

theenemyhatesclarity more than 3 years ago