To Avoid Schism, Let the #UMC Play



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reaching for the new paradigm

how will the United Methodist movement exist in the post-institutional world? These younger generations aren't invested in the lasting institutions of the Builder Generation. The church will be very different in the 21st century. I wish we could isolate the under 40 clergy and laity from the weight of all the rest and just ask them to be creative - invent ways to follow Jesus and maintain community according to the way you exist in the world. in other words - play about being the church. and when we see something that works, we can amplify and multiply it.

wahoo lon more than 7 years ago

Schism, by whatever name

This idea of play is nothing more than schism repackaged. This is still a church divided, a church torn asunder and we call it play. Yes, one side wants to call the game and take it's ball home, but the other is no better in that it changes the rules mid-game and cries foul when the other team doesn't want to play together anymore. Either way, it's schism!!!!

Tony Moreau more than 7 years ago

Good Faith

The spirit of good faith and cooperation is not embraced by those engaged in name calling. Labeling your opponents "Rule-mongering Traditionalists" will not endear them to your cause.

Ray more than 7 years ago

Inviting Others to Play

Jeremy, As someone who has studied the need for children to play in order to develop social as well as ethical behavior, I like your suggestion that we play in the church. Even the word 'play' has a sense of the spirit and joyfulness that I feel conveys the truly 'good news' that Jesus offered. Thank you for your offering of hopefulness. May we in the church be resurrected by our willingness to embrace recreation!

Rebecca Morton more than 7 years ago