Pharisees for the Control of Christ

The Attack on The United Methodist Church by Conservative Evangelical Christians



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Having Lost its Power...

“My fear is not that our great movement, known as the Methodists, will eventually cease to exist or one day die from the earth. My fear is that our people will become content to live without the fire, the power, the excitement, the supernatural element that makes us great.” I wonder if Wesley really knew how accurate his words would turn out to be. The author seems to think that "power" is found in social justice and the "social principles." The "power" if found in the Holy Spirit and the cross. Wesley would not have recognized his Methodist movement as early as the late 1800's. The power had begun to diminish and the fire to be extinguished. Then comes the social gospel with its giant fire extinguisher. The power is found in God's people living out the Great Commission...something Methodists have long forgotten. The world is changed one heart at a time being introduced to Jesus through His word and prayer. Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments. The UMC has lost its power because it has lost its obedience to Christ and God's Word. No discipleship, no obedience, no going back to the Scripture for inspiration and guidance, and no Great Commission. This is killing not only the UMC but also all the main-line Protestant churches.

Jeff more than 1 year ago

Spurious argument

There is no cherrypicked scripture. There is clearly a problem with the rise of groups of people who do not consider the scriptures as the word of God nor carry authority in our lives. The number of clergy who do not subscribe to the virginity of Mary, the divinity of Jesus, the resurrection, the Trinity, Universal Grace, and the Judgement at the second coming is an indicator of the need to purge the cancer from the roles.

Brian Evers more than 1 year ago


You seem very afraid of the impact The Global Methodist Church, which will form, will have on the remnant UMC in the United States. Why so fearful? Let us go our separate ways and follow our respective missions in bringing Christ to the world in the manner we both deem appropriate.

John more than 1 year ago


Thank you for responding. I don’t begrudge you following your heart and going your separate way. However, I find it concerning re: your motives when there exist the Wesleyan and Anglican denominations as well as a wealth of independent and Baptist churches exactly like the denomination you are forming... while using UMC money to do it. My fear is that you could go now but waiting another 18 months could destroy my church in order to establish yours. Best of luck and Grace.

David Bryant more than 1 year ago

Your reply/fear

Thank you fir your reply. But I disagree with your assessment that there are already other denominations exactly like the Global Methodist Church. Some of those you mentioned are not Wesleyan in perspective. As for “taking” your money, certainly you can appreciate that a tremendous amount of money donated to the UMC came from conservative congregations over the years, thereby entitling them to a small percentage of UMC funds. You will get to keep all your buildings and agencies and other assets. Further, if the formation of the GMC or adoption of the Protocol will “destroy” “your” church, then “your” church is on shaky sand to begin with.

John more than 1 year ago