Schism Is a Failure of Love and Leadership



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Love is the Measure

Love is the measure by which we ought determine positions and/or responses to all of creation. We humans are a fickle sort. May God us all.

Scott Mann more than 5 years ago

I would love to see a spritual renewal

I would love to see rational discussion about the issues you reference but how is that to happen when there is a progressive contingent that puts themselves above everybody else--basically declaring that they are the enlightened ones. And everybody has their "theologians" who claim they have the correct answerI personally have not benefitted from Big Tent Methodism--it left me muddling around in a grey area caught between the world and God. When the going got tough I finally had to wander away from the church to discover the existence of the triune God of holy love who is most definitely way more verb than noun and loves even me more than I could ever think about loving myself. It was my lesson in what all I did not know/understand about Reformation orthodoxy with a Wesleyan twist. It is the typed of teaching that has not been present in The Methodist/United Methodist Church during my 63 years and based on other things I have read most likely for over a century.It is no wonder leadership has been relegated to keeping the Big Tent up and functioning; we are learning how ineffective this whole experiment has been--basically nobody is happy.

Betsy more than 5 years ago

I don't know that "progressive contingent" you mention

But it seems it is the right-wing in the UMC thinking they are "enlightened" with all the hatred they spew. No, progressives are not "enlightened:" we just don't know the answers and have stopped pretending there are any, other than love.

"Reformation orthodoxy" led to a lot of war, murder, and torture in Europe 400 years ago and a little later that mess saw fruition in the Americas at a place called Salem, Massachusetts. Methodism owes less to The Reformation than to The Enlightenment which developed at the same time from the same seeds. The church in this sense is like society as a whole: everybody does better when everybody does better. A tent which excludes some for spiteful reasons does not deserve to stand.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago