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The cause of strife?

Thanks Jane, your piece is a lament felt by many, However, as a so-called Conservative who has now left the UMC, I will gently point out (not with any originality) that the many years of strife leading to this moment might have been avoided if Liberals had not repeatedly attempted to enforce their (minority) views upon the majority AND if they had obeyed the decisions of past GC's. "....progressives seeking change, conservatives seeking to leave..." -- I think no conservatives wanted to leave, but to remain in place; but if their views are continually undermined and derided, leaving seems the most graceful choice.

David Kingsworthy 235 days ago

Irreconcilable differences

Hi David, and thank you for sharing your thoughts. To explain my comment more fully, it seems that conservatives recognized earlier than many progressives and moderates did that the differences within the denomination were irreconcilable, and began talking of schism as early as 2004. Change is as imperative for progressives as retention of traditional policy is for conservatives. It is moderates who have held us together, and even now some hope to find a way forward together, while those on the right and left realize that is not possible.

Jane Ellen Nickell 230 days ago