The Church Needs More Innovative Pastors like MTV Needs More Twerking*



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We don't need "The Fighting Young Priest Who Can Talk to The Young"

The whole thing reminds me of a subplot in the early life of Garry Trudeau's "Doonesbury" comic strip: Scott was introduced by that title there and revealed to have his moments of phoniness, as they all do. We need less charismatic (in the sense of John Kennedy's charisma, not that of the glossolaliacs) preachers and more nondescript ones; less showhorses and more workhorses.

George N. Shuler, LCSW more than 8 years ago

Nurturing Culture of Innovation

We have had senior pastors who have been great at this. One explicitly told us that his attitude to new ideas from parishioners was Yes unless there were legal or health reasons not to try it. The staff was also guided by the pastors to be helpful, not obstructive. Bad ideas died on their own; successes were mentioned in context in sermons later on, encouraging other parishioners to come forward with their ideas. The projects that really succeeded lasted with lay leadership to the long-term benefit of the church, rather than disappearing when an innovation-pushing clergyperson moved on.

Beverly Pryor more than 8 years ago