The Dilemma of the Right



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Go your own Way

Its time to let the progressive Reconciling Ministries Churches go their own way. They don't want compromise or reconciliation; they want capitulation. Like the prodigal son who wants his inheritance and doesn't want to stay home under his father's rules. Wish them well, give them their churches and property. As United Methodists we have only been around since 1968. If they want new rules and want to follow a different denominational belief system then let them go. It is not that hard to do. They will still be our Christian Brothers and sisters.

Rev. Merrill Bendeer more than 7 years ago

Break-up Methodism

Just remember: Christianity got along without Methodism for its first 1,700 years and I suspect it can easily do so again. Bob Hilldrup, Shady Grove UMC, Glen Allen, VA

Robert P. Hilldrup more than 7 years ago

All options need to be on the table

including "Do we truly have anything left to contribute to the Christian landscape?" After being a good church-going Methodist of more than a few decades, here is how I assess my experience with a local UMC that I have been a member of for 20+ years

The following quote describes my experience with the United Methodist Church:
“Rather than strengthening United Methodism… doctrinal “diversity” weakens our message and obscures United Methodist identity. No wonder our churches lack an energizing vision for mission and ministry—they are unsure of who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe! And this uncertainty is only made worse by an appointment process that sometimes alternates progressive, moderate, and evangelical pastors in the same local church, until the parishioners get theological whiplash. The ideology of inclusiveness has trumped common sense.” Tom Lambrecht, “Diversity Run Amuck”,,

I wish the local church would stand still long enough for me to get a bead on who they are, what they think they need to be doing and how they think they need to go about accomplishing whatever it is they think they need to be doing. At this point in time, it feels futile for me to put my oar in the water in support of the current thinking--past experience tells me the direction will probably change in the blink of an eye. The only consistency with this local church is 19 years of providing a stellar Pumpkin Patch for the community to enjoy; the church is known fondly as the “Pumpkin Church”. That is nice…but…is that all a church should be known for? Seems like there should be more to it than that…it feels like that for the visitors to the Pumpkin Patch, it should be a gateway to something even bigger and better.

Orter T. more than 7 years ago