The UMC as a Sinking Ship



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Sinking ship

If we take the people punching holes in the hull and throw them overboard perhaps we will stop sinking.

Kevin more than 8 years ago

Can you describe who it is

of whom you speak?

George Nixon shuler more than 8 years ago


Lifeboats seem closer to what Jesus had in mind, and they're certainly more "nimble" than a cruise ship. Might we not find new vitality in a flotilla of boats and ships suited for their particular tasks and contexts but who share mutual resources (harbors) and rendevous regularly for fellowship and witness?

Karen Munson more than 8 years ago

What comes to mind? Those excluded.

I realize you're on a roll here but I'm not fond of your metaphor, since it's what the right-wing both within and without the UMC view us as in terms of declining membership. By using the same metaphor it would seem either (1) you are embracing their message that it's all about the numbers; and/or (2) you are cluelessly unaware of their constant employment of this metaphor. Either one makes me not receptive to your message, whatever it is.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago