At the Crossroads of Covenant and Compassion



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At the Crossroads of Covenant and Compassion

Thank you for your well stated if very sad reality.

Ermalou M. Roller more than 8 years ago

A Tipping Point

I am hopeful that this horrendous situation may be a tipping point that will lead to the adoption of a new Book of Discipline. The 2012 General Conference rightly recognized that our current Book of Discipline is too United States centered for a global church. They charged a task force of the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters to draft a proposal. The task force met in Budapest in September, and I am quite heartened by the tweets I read about their work. . They seem to be proposing a two volume BOD. Volume 1 would be designed for the entire global connection. It would be SMALL (Bishop Strieff held up a BOD from the 18th century that was small enough to fit in his pocket). This book would focus on our common theology and history as Wesleyans. It would serve to give us a common identity. It would not be a book of rules (like our current BOD). The vision then allows multiple volume 2 BOD’s. I believe these would be regional and contextual books.

My hope is that this proposal will be embraced enthusiastically and soon. I believe it is time for The United Methodist Church to move on. We need to celebrate our many successes, repent of the harm we have done, admit that we have failed to be an obedient church, and embrace God’s vision for global Wesleyan Christianity. Perhaps we should hold a service of Death and Resurrection for the United Methodist Church. Let’s reboot–perhaps as part of a new “Global Methodist Connection”.

I have some dreams for the American church too. I would like for our churches to recenter on Christ by adopting eucharistic worship–at least weekly. I would also like to see us return to our roots with a renewed emphasis on Wesley Class Meetings and Band meetings. I sincerely hope we will look at alternative ways to make decisions. Voting is not Biblical. Robert’s Rules of Order are designed to temper combat, but they also promote partisan spirit. We can learn much from other, obviously sustainable models of church government (yes, I mean catholisism and orthodoxy). Let’s take some of their best ideas and put a Wesleyan twist on them.

As a retired United Methodist pastor, I am more interested in the future of Wesleyan Christianity than holding on to the obviously dysfunctional form of Methodism to which I vowed my loyalty. May God grant us wisdom and grace as we move forward.

The Rev. Holly Boardman, Florida Conference, retired elder

The Rev. Holly Boardman, retired elder, Florida Conference more than 8 years ago

Covenant and Compassion

Thank you, Rev. Boardman, for calling us back to communion and community, in memory of the early followers of Jesus...the 'early church .' May we learn the ways of love. May we boldly reject
the twisted interpretations of scripture used by the 'Religious Right.'
Several verses in Old and New Testament reject and condemn sexual abuse of children, fertility rites using human sex acts to increase crop yields and increase of herds. God was angry with Sodom and Gomorrah for their inhospitality...but if any sex had taken place, it would have been gang-rape--not homosexual love. We must learn how to read and understand scripture. We must
listen to Holy Spirit....Jesus still trying to get through to us, still teaching us about loving one another, still telling us that it is not our place to judge, still telling us that God created each and every one of us just as He please.

Elsie Gauley Vega more than 8 years ago

The Civil War was a tragedy

But only one side was to blame for it. Those who adhere to old hatreds are responsible for schism when it occurs. While right now the Episcopals, the United Church of Christ, etc. are all acting in God's grace with love toward our LGBT brothers and sisters, we Methodists are stymied by the clenched teeth of the Religious Right adherents in our midst. When we are free of the advocates of hatred in our midst it will be time for celebration not unlike when Lincoln issued the emancipation Proclaimation.

George Nixon Shuler more than 8 years ago