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we should look at the merits and demerits of people's ideas rather than try to smear them by association especially when there is no evidence to support those claims of "association."

Bishop Lewis is entitled to his opinion, however out of touch it may be. But, no one is entitled to their own facts.

If you wanted to say that you are sticking with Bishop Lewis' version of reality despite a lack of supporting evidence, that is your right. But, don't pretend that you are "apologizing" for anything. All you are really doing to trying to assert your martyrdom.

CREED S POGUE more than 4 years ago


You do realize, of course, that what you've written is a classic non-apology? You mention only that you made an unspecified "factual error about their funding" and that you "missed making more of an effort to contact the groups in question". First, that is a minimization of what you did; what you really did was publish false information that slandered these organizations while making no attempt to independently verify the false statements made by your biased source. Secondly, you spend the lion's share of this "apology" blaming the organizations you slandered for how they responded and continuing to imply that they are and have been acting with nefarious intent, e.g., they are holding the church hostage in a "stranglehold" and that there are still reasons to question their funding sources because they won't show you their donor lists. I recommend taking down this failed draft apology attempt, marking it up, and then posting a real apology (which assumes of course that you really meant to apologize).

Paul W. more than 4 years ago


Ms Astle states, "I would be glad to have my deep skepticism about the “reform and renewal” groups reversed by their future actions or statements, to which I reiterate I am open to receiving."
Until those groups respond, I think Ms Astle's apology is sincere and on point.

John more than 4 years ago

No, really?

True apologies are entirely without condition. They acknowledge wrongdoing and express regret. Period. Once a request or condition is added to an apology, sincerity is subtracted.

John more than 4 years ago

Paul W's respobse to Astle's apology

I believe Cynthia Astle's apology to be sincere. I have known her personally for more than 20 years. Yes, in her zeal, she made journalistic mistakes, however her report of what Bishop Lewis said was accurate. She didn't slander anyone. Unfortunately, the WCA spokesperson felt compelled to attack her publicly and said little about her source. Paul and others, why don't you just pick up your phone and call Mrs. Astle? She is very approachable. UM Insight is a viable independent source of information and opinion within The United Methodist Church and is supported by thousands of United Methodists.

Daniel Gangler more than 4 years ago


Paul W. , why don’t you have the honesty and decency to sign your full name to the things you write? Isn’t it cowardly to hide behind your anonymity? You must not have much courage in your convictions.

Becky Shaw more than 4 years ago

Objective reporting

I’m glad to continue to support the reporting work and the publication of opinion articles in UM Insight. I’m grateful for her efforts and am glad to continue to be a financial supporter of UM Insight. I also respect the right of Bishop Bill Lewis to provide his insights in the ongoing lobbying that leaders of WCA, Good News and the IRD have engaged in over the years to pull the United Methodist Church into their narrow world view. I’m thankful for Cynthia’s and Bishop Bill’s faithful service.

Rev Bill Pyatt more than 4 years ago