What to Do with the 'We Can Also' (WCA) Group in My Church: A Parable



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Re Point #2

What about Methodist Federation for Social Action, Reconciling Network, Black Methodists for Church Renewal to name a few, but the list could go on. These are para-church groups and so far as I know are not violating the Book of Discipline by being in existence. I happen to support a non-politcal para-church group that has been in existence since 1977. We are in relationship with the Discipleship Ministries agency of the UMC. You could say all those things about conflicting meetings and contributions diverted from the local church about any of these organizations but I don't believe any of them including the WCA are in violation of the Book of Discipline. I think your parable breaks down mightily.

Ann Peat more than 5 years ago


It is interesting to watch how concerned progressive bloggers are about the Wesleyan Covenant Association. If they had spent their time holding their liberal brothers and sisters feet to the fire while they were violating the Book of Discipline, the WCA wouldn't exist. The WCA is clearly a reaction against the lawbreakers and their enablers in our church.

In Christ,

The enemy hates clarity

the enemy hates clarity more than 5 years ago

Re your point #2

We already are disconnected! I have spent 4 long years monitoring a myriad of voices across the United Methodist Church. I find the spectrum of theologies and other understandings absolutely mind boggling; collectively we believe absolutely nothing in particular. The UMC has degenerated into conflicting and competing factions who are jockeying for position and control! We do not think alike, we may all profess God and Jesus but when it comes to how a belief in God and Jesus impacts our lives we are all over the map! When it comes to interpreting scripture, we are all over the map. When it comes to how clergy interpret how binding their vows are, anything goes! When it comes to how the church relates to society, we are all over the map. In short, when it comes to our name, United is out; based on what I have learned about Wesley and early Methodism, we are nowhere close so Methodist is out. So that leaves us as a non-descript church who believes absolutely nothing in particular and as a result has absolutely no unique contribution to make to the Christian landscape. And while you are pondering about the legitimacy of the WCA serving communion, ponder what the progressives did at GC2016: an ordination and inserting their own unique communion elements into the communion provided by General Conference--if ever an act showed a total disregard for the church and its processes--but my guess is we do not see that from the same perspective either....Your article proves without a doubt that we are a house divided against itself!

Betsy more than 5 years ago