Why I Am Leaving My Conference



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support your conscience

I have always been a united methodist mostly because my parents were. However, I always found a lot of crap in the Bible. I always assumed others could see the crap too...i.e. the stories of joshua and his mass murder.....I always assumed others could see it and use it to NOT repeat history. I also find Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology mixed in the christian bible...and Jewish Tanach. I do NOT believe in a Satan being , but adversaries. I do NOT believe in the atonement theory. I support this pastor......and she must use her heart and NOT some book as her guide. Too bad many use all of the bible as there guide. To me i go by Luke 10:21-38.... IF the Bible beaters would study...this verse shows that the "scum of the earth" as the Jews called the Samaritans too can have eternal life. Isn't it funny when Jesus spoke to a particular person or group there was no Bible....and NO, Jesus was NOT a good Jew...just as many will think Rev. Stuart is not a good Methodist.

mike more than 7 years ago

Why I am leaving

She feels the call but only to her kind of people, the artistic crowd. Despite the fact that The UMC policy has been around for her entire life she is shocked to discover that her conference will actually enforce the policy GC has established. Feeling ethically constrained she is going to move to an area where the rules are not enforced and continue her ministry there with her kind of people. I have read her letter over and over and all I can see is arrogance not ethics.

Kevin more than 7 years ago

A Wise and Courageous Stand

I share your conviction and applaud your action. Not taken lightly, but prayerfully, may God continue to use and bless your ministry. Hopefully one day the United Methodist Church will recognize its sinfulness and know that in this issue, like so many in the past (i.e., Civil Rights, ordination of women), the church has stood on the wrong side of history for much too long! It is my hope that some day in the near future, General Conference will not only change its stance in the Book of Discipline but will adopt a resolution of apology for the hurt and pain caused to so many LGBT persons. God bless you, and may God bless the UMC for the error of its present conviction.

R Gentzler more than 7 years ago

Why I am leaving

Does the Northwest Conference not ask these questions?
Have you studied the doctrines of The United Methodist Church?
After full examination, do you believe that our doctrines are in harmony with the Holy Scriptures?
Will you preach and maintain them?

Kevin more than 7 years ago


I didn't realize we'd marry or ordain active murderers? I would not!

Repentant murderers, yes; unrepentant, no!

Buddy more than 7 years ago

Minister to Artistic People

I suspect most of us would like to minister to artistic, literate, articulate and educated people. It's a lot more fun to minister to people who share similar backgrounds to our own. But alas, God chose to create the entire realm of humanity, not just the small portion whose lives can enliven our own as pastors. We have to be pastors to all of God's children, both in our churches and out. We have to pastor to those who are homosexual, and to those who despise the fact that anyone who is homosexual would "choose" to stay that way, or even to breathe the air we breathe.

Moving from one Annual Conference to another really, in the long run, won't overcome that reality.

Tom Griffith more than 7 years ago

Marti Middleton

I can't believe that in 2014 we are still having the problems we had 20 years ago! If God calls a person into ministry, that person's sexual orientation has NOTHING to do with that calling. Many people have left the UMC due to the reason Rev. Jen Stuart spoke of. Will we survive as a denomination? I feel we won't if we don't start thinking differently and welcome all people into the church in leadership roles. It is also terribly wrong for those in high places to make people live a lie;
God made us all the way we are for a reason.

Marti Middleton more than 7 years ago

Satan went into the church (woman) and after the remnant of her children. Your church allows gay ministers? Then you are against the Laws of Moses. (Revelations 12:17; Hebrews 10:30; II Peter 2)

It is not a human right to support gay marriage. If Ugunda and Russia think they have to imprison them to teach morality, who are we to judge them? What if a pedophile in an American prison says "I am being discriminated against?" One sin is the same as another. Same on you for supporting gays.

Sandr Bouchard more than 7 years ago

Moving to the NW

Hey Welcome to the Northwest! Where anything goes.

Dave more than 7 years ago

Why I am leaving

What the Discipline says is "Self-avowed practicing homosexuals are not to be certified as candidates . . ." (304.3), not self-avowed homosexuals.

Stephen Mott more than 7 years ago