Women Grieve Amendment Failures, Vow to Work Harder



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Power and Control

"I still believe in the power of Wesley’s Three Simple Rules, one being do no harm. Not passing these amendments is a subtle form of harming, which really goes back to power and control. I hold onto my hope of social equality for all people, the way Christ modeled for us,” said Yates....

Exactly. The denial of full rights to any subpopulation is all about power and control.

Christ would put down the naysamers and bring all into the fullness of the Church.

Ben more than 3 years ago

Grieving is a waste of time. Re-writing with common sense would be better!

In these times, how can anything as common sense as equal rights and roles for women in any organization be complicated? Re-write, removing all real and/or perceived ambiguities which resulted in the defeat. Keep it simple, unambiguous, and according to all current rules and regs - no funny stuff! How about, "in all Book of Discipline rules concerning men, women are equal." Close enough?

Reese more than 3 years ago


The wording of the proposed amendments opened up some serious questions. Marital status could mean same sex marriage, polygamy, incestuous marriage, and child marriage. Did we really mean to lock that into our constitution? And just what does "ability" mean? If a pastor candidate is unable to execute his or her duties do we ordain that person anyway? I do not think the ramifications of these amendments were thought out.

Kevin more than 3 years ago