Reactions Vary to 2019 General Conference



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GC 2019

Probably best that we take our time and not rush this. It is not that one part of the church is walking faster than another but that one part is walking in a completely different direction. Tough to reconcile. What are the odds that they come up with a plan that will actually pass?
And will the delegates be surrounded by lesbian chanters or people flopping on the floor? Actions like those have a way of backfiring.
If the wheels come off in 2019 then GC 2020 should be a lot less costly what with only half as many delegates.

Kevin more than 5 years ago

The truth of Bishop's Carter statement

“This will not have a good outcome if one part of the church walks much faster than another,” he said.

Isn't one part of the church getting ahead of the rest of the church the exact reason we are in this mess?

Betsy more than 5 years ago