Is Change a-Comin'? And Did We Miss It?



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Part-Time Appointment Reflection

I have the same concern - I was surprised that Judicial Council did not look at this petition/paragraph when looking at Guaranteed Appointment. As co-task force leader for the United Methodist Rural Fellowship General Conference Legislative Task Force I am very concerned about the power given to Bishop and Cabinet to appoint less-than full-time without an appeal process. Judicial Council does need to look at this. There is the possibility that persons could be appointed less-than-full-time without their consent and/or be pushed into it if told this is the only appointment we have for you.

Peggy Paige more than 8 years ago

Part-time Appointment

As a co-chairperson of the United Methodist Rural Fellowship Legislative Task Force I was surprised that the Judicial Council did not include this in their deliberations when they looked at guaranteed appointment since they looked at the Transitional Leave Paragraph. I also believe that Judicial Council needs to look at this paragraph. Unfortunately less than full-time service has taken place without the request of the clergy - persons often just accept it rather than appeal and fight the system. This unfortunately opens a great big door that could be abused.

Peggy Paige more than 8 years ago

Part-Time Appointment

Ben, you've identified an important issue here. I also wanted to point out that the new Par. 338.2c also requires a 2/3 annual majority approval by the clergy session, and after 8 years of part-time appointment, the clergy session must approve annually at a 3/4 percentage. It will be quite interesting to track how this new category is implemented over time.

Meg Lassiat more than 8 years ago

Part-Time Appointment

Thanks for the comments, Ben. While it is true that this change opens the possibility of less than full-time appointment at the bishop's initiative, it also still seems to require the clergy person's agreement. Par. 338.2 says (as you quote above), "Less than full-time service shall mean that a specified amount of time less than full-time agreed upon by the bishop and the cabinet, the clergy member, and the annual conference Board of Ordained Ministry ..." It appears that all three parties must agree. There could thus be a conflict of interpretation between 338.2 and 338.2b (as amended) that will need to be resolved by Judicial Council.

Tom Lambrecht more than 8 years ago

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