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grace-free living

I fall back on the Lord's prayer when I hear things like these. We make a "deal" with God every time we say it to "forgive as we want God to forgive us" When I hear conversations like these, thankfully not very often, I try to gently remind them that God has total ownership over judgement. We just need to concentrate on being the best "ME" we can be. There are many things in this world that try to steal our peace and joy. We should be actively working to retain it.

Nan Owen Hoekman more than 8 years ago

Grace-free living

Good Lord, is that the sort of conversation that goes on in your church? I have never heard such ugliness. I am a member of a Reconciling church, so we don't disagree about that, but there are things that people do disagree about, strongly. But not with hatefulness. I guess when I was at GC2012 as a visitor, I did hear some things like that, but GC2012 was a nadir from which the UMC needs to recover. If this is going on in the congregations, then things aremuch worse that I thought. Prayers for you and for the beleaguered UMC.

Anne Ewing more than 8 years ago