Safety in Numbness

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Bringing Young People Into the Fold

I believe the most important and productive move the Methodist Church could take would be to set term limits for General Conference and Annual Conference Delegates. I think Annual Conference Delegates should be able to serve as delegates for not more than six consecutive annual conferences, and must have a minimum 2 year seperation between serving. For General Conference, a delegate may serve for not more than two (that covers 8 years) General Conferences consecutively (regardless of their Annual Conference (meaning you can't move from one conference to another), and not more than 4 GC's in a lifetime.

Let's face it, there are some people that have long-since worn out their welcomes at GS and at their Annual Conferences, and they need to open up those slots. This would allow more younger people to have a chance to serve as delegates at both levels.

B. John more than 9 years ago