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Ummmm, No.

While the article was sweet, whimsical, light-hearted and inoffensively insightful in a minor fashion, the last thing we need as a church body is to be associated with an image specifically designed to resemble external male reproductive parts by a bitter alcoholic sex criminal. I believe the book from which that assessment came was called "Al Capp: What Happened?" which I got from Fantagraphics Books out of Seattle which has much on the history of cartooning. While ostensibly a cold war liberal who strongly supported President Lyndon Johnson's expansion of the Vietnam War, Capp - whose Sunday Funnies illustrations of zaftig scantily clad ladies like Daisy May and Moonbeam McSwine certainly pushed the envelope at its time (his influence is apparent in Les Toil's renderings of plus size ladies among others) - something made him irrational in his hatred for the 1960s New Left and especially its college student protestors. He morphed into a hero of the right-wing and the Heart Newspapers gave him a syndicated column to rant about all the things the youth were doing and scaring their elders. Capp's career took a nosedive after he was charged in the sexual assault of a female student at the University of Wisconsin. His far right defenders claim he was set up but it's clear he was done in by his own lust. Afterward he ended the comic strip and pretty much drank himself to death. The Fantagraphics tome concluded that none could have foretold Capp's descent into ranting like a 1770s costumed Tea party protestor of today. Perhaps when he changed his sin of choice (of those famous seven deadly ones) from Lust to Wrath that triggered his madness. Capp's real life is much more interesting than his animated penis substitute.

George N. Shuler more than 8 years ago