Why I Don't Believe There Will Be a UMC Schism




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It's Not What I believe

No, it isn't what I believe. It's what is written in the Book of Discipline. "[H]omosexual activity is incompatible with Christian teaching." Since "homosexual activity" is divorced from any clear ethic or understanding of the diversity of human sexuality, the BoD essentially excommunicates LGBTQ people. You might not like that, and I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings, but that is the case, and that is, indeed, what the Anonymous 80 are promoting.

Geoffrey more than 7 years ago

Is this really what you feel?

"certainly not large enough to constitute a “schism”, i.e., enough to create a second Wesleyan denomination wholly dedicated to the principle that certain people exist outside God’s grace. - See more at: http://um-insight.net/blogs/geoffrey-kruse-safford/why-i-don%27t-believe-there-will-be-a-umc-schism/#sthash.1tnDDZPq.dpuf" Do you really believe that those opposed to the LGBTQ initiatives view the LGBTQ community as beyond God's grace?

Steve more than 7 years ago