Living the Question About Same-Gender Relationships



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passions of Methodists

Hello Gil, may we refer your successful cataract surgery and this well-written article to Romans 8:28. btw, so good to know of your continuing activity with such intense topics while Clyde Anderson now leads NYC Agency. I wish to thank you publicly for your mentoring and colleagial friendship in years gone on by. As life draws us passionately and more freely in our elder times, I focus on the orphaned and vulnerable children and their prophetic voices of Jesus. Let us pray together for a peaceful Tampa as a witness of who we follow! Blessings GIl

carolyn belshe more than 9 years ago

Thoughtfull comparisons

Thanks, Gil. I like your thoughtful comparisons and contrasts, may they help some supporters of this statement rethink their position. I am a retired UMC clergyperson who has been saddened by our church's unChristian understanding of "Christian teaching" since this struggle within the church first began.

Ted McKnight more than 9 years ago


I support a Christianity that emphasizes love and compassion, not fear and exclusiveness. It's interesting that opinions with which we disagree are political whereas opinions with which we agree are the word of God.

Gloria Peck more than 9 years ago

General Confer 2012

The tone of this article is full of slander and that is your intention.
We had better fear God and in the light of that healthy fear of The LORD. Stop using the works of Christ as a political movement.

Robin Williams more than 9 years ago

Great Article!

My partner and I have been together for over 25 years, have two adopted daughters and are also confirmed Methodists. We have been wonderfully accepted by our church and congregation for over 15 years. We pledge to our church, (and those donations are sent to general conference) teach in our Sunday school,Vacation Bible school and take part in other volunteer activities for our congregation. We hope that fellow Methodists will indeed follow their practice of Open Minds, Open Hearts and Open Doors as they meet at conference this year and find love, acceptance and equality for all Methodists.

Tom Davidson more than 9 years ago

Questions about Same-Gender Relationships

Thank you, Gil, for raising these questions. It is helpful to think through the issues involved.
However, I believe you unfairly set Paul against Jesus in the Bible's teaching on human sexuality. It is Jesus who reaffirms the ideal of heterosexual marriage as the will of God amid the male and female way in which God created us (Matthew 19:4-6). Jesus' inclusion of all was for the purpose of transformation. He welcomed all, but also challenged all to be transformed by God's grace ("Go now and leave your life of sin" John 8:11; "Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you" John 5:14).
Just because Jesus did not condemn a specific practice does not mean that he approves of it. Jesus did not condemn incest or spousal abuse, for example.
We are not called to offer the mission that the world wants. We are called to offer the transformational grace of God to all persons. We are all broken in many ways, including in our sexuality (whether heterosexual or homosexual). We do not fulfill the call of God faithfully by simply adapting to what our culture or a group of people feel is their "right." Instead, we bear witness that God has a better way for us to live, in wholeness and redeemed from the power of sin.

Tom Lambrecht more than 9 years ago

Same-sex Relationships

It is the same question and a similar scenario. In the expected holy conferencing will the delegates allow the Spirit to move? Will they see the global nature of the United Methodist Church with only the Philippine delegates representing the whole vast continent of Asia and small numbers of delegates from the countries in Europe? Will they know that there are no delegates from Latin America? It is small small United Methodist world! Will the delegates from Africa form the slim majority of the GC to maintain the status quo on the question of same-sex relationships yet again and again? These are the troubling questions.

Yap Kim Hao more than 9 years ago