Over Age 45? Texas UMC doesn’t want you in ordained ministry



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Ageism in recruiting clergy

First of all, we have been lamenting the dearth of "younger elders" for about two decades. I used to hear this plaint only from GBHEM staff, but now I hear it even in my annual conference (New York). I think it's something we're repeating without really thinking about it, so I appreciate your bringing it up.
But second, it's not just ageism. It's also big-churchism. The TAC "projects it will need fewer elders with strong leadership gifts [that should be restated or punctuated differently] who are entering ministry with enough time to prepare to lead large congregations." We are leaving Wesleyan ways behind as we focus on large churches, where mutual accountability is less important than spiritual privacy and personal testimony than worship-as-entertainment.

Tim Riss more than 9 years ago


I can't say I am surprised by this. I see ageism in many professions and I see it and hear it in the church, too. It is a sad commentary on the United Methodist denomination when ageism and other forms of prejudice and bigotry are the norm.

Victoria Guthrie more than 9 years ago


I went to Divinity School when many of the folks were second career men and women. This has nothing to do with call to ministry and everything to do with institutional control and survival. Not sure it would hold up across the church if challenged. After all, if costs are the issue, why elect bishops to a life time salary?

Scott Endress more than 9 years ago