Stressed-Out in Tampa

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Haller's Hopes

Rev. Haller's view occurs to a lot of folks attending conferences. All that spiritual power in one place should lead to some kind of impact! It is refreshing to see that kind of interest and enthusiasm,

A friend I have who lives in Tampa said that the leaders look upon our presence as a warm-up to the Republican Convention this summer.

But that's okay. I think ours will be a positive if a lot more frugal presence,

With Rev. Haller, I expect that most folks in Tampa will experience polite, orderly, and gracious people, mostly one-on-one. And I hope some will experience the more creative and earnest among us in places that will not see anyone from the summer convention. Not being from Tampa, I can't tell you where to look. But if you ask around, I expect you'll find some missions and ministries worth your time and attention.

Jerry Eckert more than 9 years ago

Tampa's stress

I think we cannot take on Tampa's problems. We are a respectable convention; we don't riot in the streets, get drunk and destructive or call for armed revolution (outside our own ranks anyway.
Let us pray for good things for Tampa and get on with our job which is enormous and daunting enough.

Anne Ewing more than 9 years ago